Public Structures

1. avm full exposure

002-Anthem Veterans Memorial

The Anthem Veterans Memorial at 11:11 a.m.,  every Veterans Day 11/11. Located in Anthem, Arizona. It is an Arizona State Historical site.

003-Brothers In Arms Veterans Memorial aerial

004-Brothers in Arms Veterans Memorial elev

The Brothers in Arms Veterans Memorial in the Monte Vista Memorial Gardens in Livermore, CA.

006 Megan david bell harp 2

The Megan David Bell Wind Harp in the Jewish Cemetery of the Monte Vista Memorial Gardens, Livermore, CA.  Attribute: Ross Barrable of Soundscapes Int’l

Trail to back section

The First Responder memorial walkway honoring six branches of emergency response professions; Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Technician, FEMA, the American Red Cross, the National Guard.

Located in the Monte Vista Memorial Gardens, Livermore, CA, stained glass angel wind harps played by the wind provide reflections of beauty for the senses.





The Arizona Silent Service Memorial honoring U.S. submarine veterans. Located in the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza at the Arizona State Capitol Building.